5 Ways to be Kind: As Suggested By by Kindness Crew at Borchardt School


Being kind is easy. So easy a kid can do it! And honestly, sometimes they’re the best at it. Challenge yourself to do something intentionally kind every day. It can change your outlook, plus you never know what the ripple effects of your kindness can create. To get you started, here are five common ways kids suggested to be kind to others:

1- Give someone a high five. It’s been a long time since I got a high five just because, but here these kids are starting their days with high-fives. What a way to take on the day!

2- Stand up for someone else. This is a big one and a powerful one. Lots of kids mention standing up for someone who was being called a name or bullied on the playground.

3- Help someone else. From helping mom and dad make dinner to helping teachers pass out papers, a little help shows someone you appreciate how hard they’re working.

4- Clean up your mess without being asked. This may seem like a little one, but how many of us are guilty of leaving some type of mess on our trail for someone else to clean up. I had one job where we called that leaving red lights for the people behind us. Clean up your mess and leave a green light for other people.

5- If someone looks sad, smile or give them a hug. I love this. Reach out to people who are going through difficult times and let them know you care. Sometimes it seems impossible to say the right thing, but offering a hug or smile goes a long way.