LeadHership: Empowering women in Lodi

Photo compliments of Cathi and Leadhership

Photo compliments of Cathi and Leadhership

When Cathi came to Lodi a few years ago, she met lots of strong women. She saw Lodi had lots of great programs to support women, but nothing to help women grow professionally, so she created the nonprofit LeadHership. It’s not about leadership, it’s about leadhership. Women in Lodi have been lucky enough to enjoy great support systems for all walks of life from young girl scouts to mommy support groups. Now there’s a new program for women looking to do good and grow professionally as well. Cathi has spent 35 years in LeadHership. 25 of those years have been working as CEO for different nonprofits around the country, including the COO of 9-11 charity, the Todd Beamer Foundation. She’s always felt her calling was to support and inspire other women. She operates with the belief that men and women are both equally powerful, but with different strengths. She took her years of experience to create classes that empower women through all walks of life, from walks in tennis shoes to walks in her signature red stilettos. LeadHership supports women, through classes and lunch and learns, that focus on helping women to become three things: powerful, purposed, and priceless.

A practical action Cathi takes every day that you can take to is to find one way to support another woman each day. Send an email to another woman you work with and tell her what a good job you think she does. Reach out to a stay at home mom to tell her how valuable her work as a mom is. Take a few extra seconds when thanking a woman working in customer service to tell her how much you valued the work she did to help you. Tell another woman you see who looks radiant, whether it be her smile or clearly a great new haircut, how beautiful she looks. Do something little to bring other women up.

To find out more about LeadHership, you can find Cathi at:

Her website: www.leadhership.org

On social media: www.facebook.com/leadhership.org
                           Instagram @leadhershipus