About Me & About Lodi Live!

Hey there, I’m Jamie. Most days you can find me doing something fun with family (husband and two kiddos), working (yep, I also work full time), hanging out with friends, trying to catch up on my Bravo shows, or (if I’m really lucky) having cook off’s with my husband. I’m not someone who is especially good at sitting still and relaxing, but you’ve probably already figured that out.

So why am I doing this newsletter? Great question. Honestly, I’ve been pretty turned off by the overwhelming negativity in the news lately. I know everything isn’t rainbow and glitter, but the world also isn’t the burning garbage fire news stations keep trying to convince us it is. It seems like everyone I know is always out, working hard to make the world a better place, so why am I not hearing about all these good stories in the media? I finally decided I was tired of waiting for other people to promote positivity in our community and I would just do it myself. So now here we are, with Lodi Live! Lodi Live started as an online newsletter in April of 2018 and by December that same year the first print edition is hitting shelves- yay!

My goal for Lodi Live is to be a platform for good news and to build community pride. I’m doing this by sharing people’s stories. There is way more good than bad in the world, and I want to prove it by starting here in our city, with our friends and neighbors, who are already out doing great things.

Thank you so much to each person who trusts me enough to share their stories, and I promise to do my best to give them justice. Thank you to my sweet mom, Susan Henderson, who proof reads almost every single article to make sure my typo’s aren’t too crazy. And thank you to you, for being here and reading these stories.