My Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Marketing By Doing Good Deeds

Marketing is changing. Marketing used to be a lot of shoving ads in people’s faces, but that doesn’t really work the way it used to. We’ve been so inundated with advertising we’ve gotten really good at sniffing out an ad and tuning it out. With so much stuff getting shoved in our face, vying for our attention, we’ve gotten pickier about where our attention goes. I’m not saying there’s no value in advertising anymore- there definitely is. It’s just different now. Marketing now is a lot more about creating value and relationships. It’s about getting smarter about how we talk to the people we’re trying to reach. One of the best ways we can create those great relationships and conversations with our target audience, is by doing good.

Doing good can mean different things based on whatever industry you’re in, but at the end, what it really gets down to is demonstrating your value to your community. Every business exists to solve a problem. Businesses do good by helping people solve their problems. We want people to know what good work we can do, and we want a way to stand out from the crowd. The best way to convince people that you can do good work and that you’re different from your competitors isn’t by telling them, it’s by showing them.  Don’t just tell people you can solve their problems, show people you can solve their problems. You know the old saying, actions speak louder than words. Showing people the good you can do, versus just telling people the good you can do is what makes the biggest impact on people.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why your business should be marketing by doing good:

  1. It’s a win win for everyone involved. You know what my favorite part is about of this marketing style? There’s never an unsuccessful campaign. Even if your marketing campaign doesn’t reach as many people as you hoped, there’s still people who you were genuinely able to help. It’s not like paying for an ad that doesn’t bring you any return on investment. When you buy an ad that doesn’t work, who really benefits? I mean, I guess the magazine or newspaper benefits, but that probably wasn’t your goal. Your goal is that you and your audience benefits from a marketing campaign. If you do something good that benefits your audience, whether that’s some sort of sponsorship or extension of your goods or services, someone truly benefits from your investment, and that’s something to feel good about.

  2. People are more likely to talk about you. In a good way. Is there anything better than word of mouth referrals? They’re the best! As consumers, we trust our friends and families way over any advertisement. When people know that you are committed to giving back, they’re a lot more likely to spend their money with you because they want to support you. When they spend their money with you they feel good about their purchase, and when they feel good about their purchase, they’re likely to tell a friend. We like to think of ourselves as people who support the greater good, and making purchases towards businesses who reinforce that value makes us feel good. Think about TOMS shoes. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, the company donates one pair of shoes to a child in need. When TOMS shoes started, the aesthetics of the shoes were…. Different. One might even say, ugly. But they stood out. When someone asked about the different looking shoes, the shoe owner could explain that they bought this pair because for every pair purchased, TOMS would donate shoes to a child, so their purchase was helping a child. Being able to say this became a status symbol. Other companies have also done the “one for one” style program and had a lot of success. People like to be associated with good and put their money towards companies doing good.

  3. Social Responsibility sits well with consumers. People want to connect with the companies they’re supporting. People want to support companies who advocate for issues they care about. In one report, a whopping 87% of participants they would purchase a product because a company advocated for a cause they care about.  Corporate responsibility is the more business-y term for doing good through your company. Your social responsibility gives people an easy opportunity to support causes they care. We all do this to some extent. For example, I almost never eat cookies. I never buy cookies at the store and I very rarely make cookies because I don’t want them in my house. I don’t hate cookies. The reason I don’t buy cookies is because I absolutely love cookies them and have no self control, so I don’t keep them in my house. Now I’m a huge advocate for empowering young girls, so when Girl Scout cookie season comes around, I spend a TON of money on cookies. It’s pretty much the only time of year I keep cookies in our house (much to my family’s delight) and I do it because I support the Girl Scout’s mission of empowering young girls. Lots of people shop this way. We often buy things we might not have otherwise bought because we like to support companies who are advocates for causes we care about. Showing people the good your company does is a great way to reach people who have similar passions, and create a great relationship with consumers.

  4. It’s a great opportunity for PR. I almost always prefer PR to advertising and here’s why: PR gives you the more opportunity to share your story and what you stand for (at least good PR does). Advertising has to be quick and grabby while PR gives you space to share more of your story. And while traditional advertising forces people to look at your campaigns, PR, shares stories that people actually want to hear. Viewers are much more receptive to an article than an advertisement. Media stations work to find stories that their audience will want to hear. People love to hear good news so media companies (generally) love finding good stories to share. If you have a good story, share it with media sites! Get some PR out of your good work! If you’re new to the game, it can feel weird sharing the good work. But think about when you read a good story in the paper or hear one on TV. Does it feel braggy? Of course not! You’re happy to hear a good story. So take advantage of the great work you’re creating and share it with others. They’ll be happy you did.

  5. It’s cheaper than print or media advertising. If you’ve ever paid for print ads, you know they can be pricey (generally $1000 give or take for a good size color ad). Good PR, on the other hand, is next to free. Sure, maybe you have to spend a little extra money to dress up something you’re already doing so it sells better (I refer to this as “throwing some glitter on top”), but that can normally be done with a couple hundred bucks- a steal compared to print or aired advertising. Creating good tends to be a LOT less than paying for print advertising, and you get a lot more coverage that viewers will pay a lot more attention to. Definitely more bang for your buck. Don’t forget to use social media to share your good with others too. Do it right and for a very minimal cost, you can really reach a lot of people. Way more than most companies could through paying for a print ad.

There’s actually a 6th reason. It’s unofficial but maybe it’s the most important… Marketing through doing good is more fun. It feels good to help others and for most of us, it’s more fun to help others than worry about figuring out advertising. So there you have it, do-gooders! My top 5 (or maybe 6?) reasons you should be marketing by doing good!

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