7 Tips on Creating an Event the Media wants to Cover

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Hi Do-Gooders! If you’re reading this it’s because you’re someone who likes doing and creating good. Whether that’s in your workplace or somewhere you volunteer, these tips and tricks are to help you promote the good work you’re doing.

Today’s tips are for people who are planning events and want media coverage for those events. This post isn’t suggesting you create an entire event just for coverage, but when you are creating your next event, take a few of the tips in mind to incorporate them and make them something people want to cover.

  1. Have Good Photo Ops I have said this and will continue to say this over and over… if you want coverage you need to give the media something to point their lense at. Be sure to point out the photo opportunities in your press release.

  2. Include Photos Do you have examples good photo opportunities? Awesome! Send some of those photos to the media to help them see what they could be covering. You can send photos of years past, people, set up, anything you can think of. Just try to find one or two good photos to help them see what you’ve got going on.

  3. Have Specific Stories You Can Share People connect to people. Having someone’s specific story that can be highlighted, maybe someone who is benefitting from your cause or someone who the cause is in honor of, helps people connect to you and your mission. It helps them see why what you’re doing matters. Having someone who is willing to share their story is hugely beneficial, especially in promoting your event before hand. Groups who tend to do this well are people who have something unfortunate happen, and are now raising funds to help others avoid ending up in the same situation. Think groups who are fundraising to find a cure (cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.), or groups who are helping lift others up out of their situations (women’s shelters, abuse situations, homelessness, etc.). They share their stories and connect with people to show the human element.  Sometimes it’s hard to find good photo opportunities, depending on your project, but if you can share someone’s story it gives people something to connect to and puts a face to your cause.

  4. Put in the Extra Effort to Make Things Feel Special I always like to tell people a lot of my job is just sprinkling a little glitter on top. Glitter by itself doesn’t make things great,  but if you have some wonderful work and you top it off with a little “glitter”, it pulls it all together and makes it shine. It gives it that extra touch that makes it feel special. That's what you need to be doing with yourself. Adding those little extra details that top something off and make it feel special.

    Let me give you an example of a really successful event I’ve done. During the Olympics, at my work at a skilled nursing facility, we had the residents play some of games. The Activities Department put the hard part together of accommodating everything for the residents and it was cute. What I did was cute and was that extra nudge got us coverage. I created a huge set of hanging olympic rings, got flags, found a local former olympian to open the ceremonies, tracked down gear for our residents, etc. It was the glitter on top that highlighted the amazing actual content that our Activities Department had created.

    Find ways to celebrate the great work you’re already doing. Attention is in the details!! That’s what takes an event from nice to wow!

  5. Have a Strong Hook. Strong hooks are short and active and to the point. What do you want people to know right away? What are the highlights? Have that strong hook in mind when creating your event. Don’t complicate things. Stick to that strong hook.

  6. Know Your Why Know why what you’re doing is important. Incorporate that into everything you do so it’s easy to communicate. Don’t make people guess your why, have it all over the palace.

  7. Be Unique If you’re trying to get coverage for your crab feed or golf tournament, you’re going to have a really difficult time. Why? Because there’s a BUNCH of crab feeds and golf tournaments and no one wants to hear about every single one! Do something to make your event unique. What will make you stand out?

If you are doing a crab feed, maybe you have a crab cracking competition or people walking around in huge crab suits. If you’re a golf tournament maybe you have a really amazing prize that someone is guaranteed to win (not just the car if you get a hole-in-one. That’s great but it’s not guaranteed.) When you’re planning your event try to think of something new and innovative that makes your event stand out. Even if you decide to do something popular, like the other two events, find a way to make those different from all of their competition.

Okay Do-Gooders.If you’re putting something together now, or thinking of putting something together soon, remember to keep these things in mind. Good luck!

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