7 Tips to Promote Your Event on Social Media

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Hi there Do-Gooders!

Are you hosting an event soon that you’re super excited but also maybe a little bit anxious about? You’ve got all the planning done and you know you’ve got an awesome event! Now you just need to make sure there’s people there, right? Well this week’s post is for you.  It’s here to help you feel a little better knowing you can reach people using the power of social media to bring them to your event. Whether you’ve never used social media to promote an event, or whether you use it all the time, these tips can help. They’re 7 quick and easy tips to get you going and get your event noticed! Okay, let’s start!

  1. Create an Event If you do nothing else, do this. The most important way to share your event on social media is to create an event on Facebook. If you don’t know how to do this, let me give you a quick crash course. First, go to the homepage on Facebook. Look at the column on the left, with all the options, and in there you’ll see “events”. Click that and go to the events page. Again, look to the column on the left and a button will say “+ Create Event” click that. Now you’re creating an event! Decide whether you want it to be open to the public or invite only (private). Then, Facebook will prompt you to fill the rest out. You can add co-hosts, upload photos, and (one of the best parts) if you’re using the popular event site Eventbrite you can even sell tickets right from Facebook. If you’re not using Eventbrite, you can still link ticket sales to your account. It’s all set up for you, easy peasy!

  2. Invite People Duh, right? You wouldn’t have a party and not send invitations, would you? If you’re my dad and you don’t actually want anyone over at your house, yes, you might do this. But for most of us we want people to show up so we invite people. We send them a card or a text or make a phone call. Think of Facebook events as an extension of this. Now once your event is set up on Facebook, go back through and send invitations directly to people. There’s an option to invite friends and that’s how you’ll get those invitations out. You might think it would be easier to just share the event and send out a blanket invitation (“Hey guys! I’m having an event, please come!”) and you should share the event, but you also need to do the personal invites.

  3. DO A VIDEO Videos are where it’s at! Videos are great because they’re the easiest way for people to connect with you. Pictures are great but nothing beats video. It’s also a great opportunity to show people more about your event and give them an idea of what they can expect. Plus, people are more likely to engage in a post with a video compared to a photo or plain text.

  4. Post in Groups Find the community forums on Facebook and share the event on those. People are notified for new posts (especially if they have a friend who engages in the post) and it reaches larger numbers of people.

  5. Tag People, Businesses and Sponsors If you’re starting to get sponsors coming in, post a big thank you and tag them. Do you have co-hosts? Be sure to tag them when you do new posts. Do you have groups who might be interested? Tag them during your posts too! This notifies people that you’re sharing and keeps the event on their radar. Note: use this tip responsibly. Make sure you’re tagging people who actually would be interested.

  6. Run Promotions Promotions are fun. Who doesn’t love getting a deal, right? A popular promotion is ticket giveaways. Ask people to either share your post or tag friends in the comments to have them entered in a raffle. This is great because one, people are inviting their friends to your event and two, the more interaction your post gets, the more Facebook promotes your post. The second popular approach is to add urgency. It’s so stressful how people wait until the last minute to buy tickets. We’ve all been there. Run a promotion where ticket prices go up after a certain date. This encourages people on social media to sign up now! You can also do giveaways for people who have already purchased tickets. For example, if you’ve purchased you ticket by this date, you’re entered into a raffle to have your ticket up’ed (free of charge) to a VIP ticket. Or tickets bought before this date are entered into a raffle for a free shirt. Think of some way you can enhance someone’s experience at your event, and raffle that off to people who have purchased tickets.

  7. Facebook Ads Facebook ads are the best way to reach the most people. You can hyper target your audience. You can target their geographical location, their age, their sex, their marital status, their education… heck, you can even target them based on what websites they visit! (That’s how you end up with the ads in your social media immediately after looking at something online). This is the most effective way to advertise because you can hyper target and, if you’re selling tickets on Facebook, you can get buys right away.

So Do-Gooders, there’s your 7 tips to help you boost your event on social media. I know you’ve already done an awesome job creating a really amazing event, so stop stressing about ticket sales and use these tips to help get people to that great event! Take advantage of social media!

I’ll see you next week with more tips and tricks to help you do the most good you can do. Until then, Do-Gooders!