Why Saying Thank You Matters

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Saying thank you is about more than being polite. We say thank you when someone holds the door open or when someone goes out of their way to do something kind. Sometimes it’s a quick little, “Thank you!” other times it’s a sit-down, look the other person in the eyes, “Thank you.”

Thank you is so ubiquitous. I think sometimes we take for granted how much weight that little term can hold. Saying thank you isn’t just about basic manners, it’s also an opportunity to practice gratitude and an opportunity to tell other people how much you appreciate them. Saying thank you helps you to be grateful. 

Saying thank you helps you be happier

I read something interesting about the power of saying thank you recently. Saying thank you is an opportunity for you to be appreciative of all of the little things. There’s a quote by the well known motivational speaker Tony Robbins, “Turn your expectations into your appreciation and your whole life will change.” 

This is interesting, because the idea is, that rather than expecting people to treat you with a certain level of kindness, you can appreciate them if they choose to treat you with kindness. If someone doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll always be disappointed. This isn’t to say you should expect others to treat you poorly, but you shouldn’t expect others to go out of their way for you, and that’s what kindness is. It’s a slight mindset switch that really allows you to notice when others are treating you with kindness, and saying thank you is that opportunity to show your appreciation.

This may sound a little negative like you’re not thinking highly of others, but I would disagree. You might think since I have a platform based on promoting positivity that I’m assuming others are always doing amazing things. Funning thing is, I’m not. I know, that no one needs to do anything for others. We’re all super busy!! We’ve got bills to pay, work to get done, kids to take care of, family obligations and somewhere in there we have to get some sleep too. Life can be draining! And even despite alllll of this, and even though no one is forcing us to do it, people all over the world, every day, put a lot of energy into making the world a better place. That’s why I think it’s so awesome! That’s why I created an entire platform to thank everyone because I believe what people are doing is really special.

Saying thank you is an opportunity to remind yourself to be grateful. It’s a way to change your expectations and appreciate more. And when you appreciate more, you’ll be happier.

Saying thank you makes others feel good

We like it when people recognize us. Even if we’re being thanked for something we’re supposed to do, that thank you makes us feel good. Some people aren’t great at expressing that they want to hear thank you, but most of us do. We want to be appreciated for what we’re doing. Offering a simple “Thank you” is your way of telling someone else you appreciate them. 

Being appreciated motivates us to do better, whether that’s at work or at home or by simply holding the door open. We all know what it feels like when someone says thank you to us, and what it feels like when someone doesn’t say thank you. We all like it when we’re acknowledged, and think about how annoyed or upset you get when someone doesn’t say thank you. It’s a little phrase but it’s really powerful.

Saying thank you matters. It helps you be more appreciative and it helps you show others how much you appreciate them. So Do Gooders, if you’re looking for the most simple way to put a little more good into the world today, just say, “Thank you.”

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