San Joaquin Hospice 9 Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

Two Lodi community members enjoying the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Two Lodi community members enjoying the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

For some people who have lost someone, the holidays can be a painful reminder of their absence. Whether it was a former family matriarch who used to corral the entire, crazy family together over a Christmas dinner, or a partner who you thought you still had more holidays to celebrate together, to any other loss, the holidays for some can be tough. San Joaquin County Hospice offers classes in dealing with grief and compiled the top 9 tips to help you this holidays season.

9 grieving tips during the holidays:

  1. Be patient and realistic with yourself

  2. Acknowledge your limits

  3. Having a plan for the holiday can help lessen your anxiety about it

  4. Let others help you

  5. It is ok to adapt traditions

  6. Allow the tears to come but also look for joy

  7. Focus on the spiritual aspects of the holiday

  8. There are no rules for grieving and we all do it differently

  9. Find a way to honor your loved one such as lighting a special candle

If you would like more information, go to for their free Coping with the Holidays Grief Workshop in Lodi on November 18th. You can also join for the annual Tree of Lights Ceremony as they light up the huge tree in front of City Hall right before the Parade of Lights.  It’s an opportunity to gather and reflect. Memory boards list the names of those recognized by the lights. You can join to see how your donation lights up the lives of San Joaquin Hospice’s patients and their families.