Nonprofit Top 5: Lodi Adopt-a-Child’s Top 5 Most Wanted Gifts

Lodi Adopt-a-Child is an all volunteer run nonprofit.

Lodi Adopt-a-Child is an all volunteer run nonprofit.

The Nonprofit Top 5 is a spot where one Lodi nonprofit can share their top 5 list. That list can be their top 5 services, their top 5 stories, or whatever else they want to share.  With the holidays upon us, this edition Nonprofit Top 5 is from Lodi Adopt-a-Child with the top 5 most wanted toys of the holiday season.

1.Bicycles and helmets because, come on… what kid doesn’t want a bike for Christmas? Bikes must go out with helmets, so if you do donate a bike, remember to grab a helmet too!

2. Tablets just like we need a computer to do most of our work, so do kids. These work for school and for fun.

3. Legos these classics help kids build their imaginations and engineering skills. It’s not a question of whether or not a kid will like legos, but more like which set would be their favorite!

4. Skateboards and helmets doesn’t just about every little boy go through a skateboard phase?

5. American Girl Style Dolls just like every little girl goes through an American Girl doll phase. Places like Target now have their own (more affordable) versions of the doll

Every year the community helps Lodi Adopt-a-Child play Santa to hundreds of Lodi kids. During the month of November, you can pick up an “Angel Card” with a list of items each child has asked for for Christmas. Those items include clothes, shoes and a traditional fun gift. You buy the gifts on this Angel Card then return the gifts and card to Lodi Adopt-a-Child where everything is wrapped. Then Santa makes an early debut on December 8th to deliver presents purchased by the community to the good little girls and boys of Lodi. If you would like to help play Santa this Christmas season, visit the Lodi Adopt-a-Child offices to pick up an angel card, or donate any of these top 5 most request childrens toys.

Santa comes to deliver gifts Sunday, December 9th. Gifts must be in before then. Angel Cards can be picked up at Lodi Adopt-a-Child offices at 100 E. Pine St., Lodi, 95240.