5 Ways You & Your Family Can Give Back This Holiday Season


The holidays are a time of year that really highlight people’s generosity. It’s the giving season and folks take that seriously! Lodi Live has come up with 5 easy ways you and your family, even the kids, can give back this holiday season

1. Pick an Angel Card Pick up an Angel Card from Lodi Adopt-a-Child and then go shopping! You get to play Santa by providing a lucky kid in need with some much needed essentials plus a toy (because all kids deserve at least one fun gift for Christmas). You can also find Giving Trees around Lodi (often churches) with other ways to help people for the holidays

2. Show Lodi Seniors Some Love This season stop by one of the nursing homes in Lodi and spread some holiday cheer. You can make and deliver cards, or even bring some fresh flowers (who doesn’t love flowers?). If your schedule allows it, some nursing homes might also really appreciate help with activities like Bingo. Whatever you chose to do, be sure to call beforehand so you can coordinate the perfect time for a more meaningful visit.

3. Ring Some Bells The Salvation Army is out every holiday season ringing bells for their cause. Sign up with them to volunteer your time ringing bells so that they don’t have to pay employees to go out there (which means they can keep all the donations for profit!).

4. Show Military People Some Love This is a good one you can do from anywhere, you don’t even have to leave the house! Write a handwritten letter to military men and women to let them know how much you appreciate their service, and send those cards to one of the many organizations (such as Operation Gratitude) who will get those out to the troops.

5. Show neighbors and friends you’re thinking of them with some baked goods This type of thing gets overlooked a lot when we think about giving back, but the truth is a kind or word or gesture goes a long in bringing people joy, and when you can bring one person joy, they bring that joy to others and so on. So don’t overlook doing something thoughtful for people you know.

If you care a lot about things going on in the community but don’t know how you could possibly fit another thing on to your calendar during the holidays, you can still make a difference. Find your a charity that works on something you’re passionate about and send them a donation. Most groups have an end of the year campaign and will appreciate your support. For more information and links, visit Lodi Live online.