6 Random Acts of Kindness

One of the kind rocks to brighten someone’s day from  Lodi Rocks

One of the kind rocks to brighten someone’s day from Lodi Rocks

Random acts of kindness are a fun and easy way to brighten someone else’s day. And when other people feel happy, they treat others better. Who knows what the ripple effects of your random act of kindness could become!

  1. Send a card! Send a fun card to someone you know. A coworker, a parent, a friend, a spouse, or whoever- just to let them know you’re thinking of them. Receiving something other than junk and bills in the mail is always a fun treat.

  2. Say thank you! More than just your usual please and thank you’s, thank someone who doesn’t normally get attention for what they’re doing. Did the woman helping you check out at Target give your kiddo a sticker and put a smile on their face? Shoot a quick email to a manager to let them know how much you appreciate those little things his or her employees did to make your trip special. Employees don’t normally get much recognition for those special little things they do.

  3. Buy a coffee! Is there anything more exciting than pulling up to the Starbucks window to pay, and only to find out the stranger in front of you already took care of your morning pick me up? What a way to start the day!

  4. Share your favorite book! Have you seen the Free Little Libraries popping up around town? Take a good book and leave it in one of the libraries for someone else to find.

  5. Buy someone a snack! Tape some quarters to a vending machine for the next person.

  6. Paint a Rock! This one is always a favorite with kids, but also fun for adults. Grab a rock from your yard, paint it something fun, then hide it somewhere in Lodi as part of the Lodi Rocks program, a program to share kindness and joy with people. Click here for tips on how to get started.